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Truffle Dumplings

Updated: Nov 10

truffle dumplings


For the Dumpling

For the Truffle-Soy Dipping Sauce


For the Dumpling

  1. Mix together garlic, ginger and onion with pork mince in a bowl.

  2. Add Great Southern Truffle Black Truffle Sauce and mix well.

  3. Cover and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes or overnight.

  4. Spoon a small amount of filling on the upper half of the dumpling wrapper in your palm, and wet the upper border with warm water with your finger. Fold the wrapper over the filling and seal firmly.

  5. Flatten the base, so the dumplings sit upright.

  6. In a frying pan or griddle, heat olive oil and add the dumplings upright. After 3 minutes, when the base of the dumplings is toasted, add a splash of water and cover immediately.

  7. Allow water to boil off while the dumpling steam, about 2 minutes.

  8. Remove lid, allow the remaining water to evaporate and remove dumplings.

For the Truffle-Soy Dipping Sauce

  1. Mix soy sauce and Great Southern Truffle Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil for the dipping sauce. Serve alongside warm dumplings.

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