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Adam Wilson in Tasmania truffle farm

Made with passion

We know that while many restaurant and home chefs love the taste of truffles, they might not have the experience, skills, or confidence to cook with them. So, we aim to make it simple and easy for everyone to enjoy the great taste of truffles.

A passion for fungi

Great Southern Truffles were the first dedicated truffle manufacturer in Australia to focus exclusively on truffles and developing truffle products.


We live and breathe truffles. It’s what we do all day and dream about all night. So you can trust that every truffle product we create is made with passion, love, and an intimate understanding of how its flavour will pair with your dish.

fresh and sliced black winter truffles a passion for fungi

Innovation & experimentation

great southern truffles innovation and experimentation

Great Southern Truffles was the first Australian company accredited with CODEX HACCP to handle and manufacture fresh truffles. We’ve developed processes for conserving the great taste of truffles for use in your products, so customers and families can enjoy the heady truffle taste all year round.


Our highly experienced team work closely with customers to develop new and customised blends, helping to develop truffle recipes to expand and  re-energise existing product lines. In addition, we’ve collaborated with prestigious universities and government departments to implement innovative food projects with bold yet nutritious flavour outcomes.

We make good food great

Our products are stocked in some of the most prestigious retailers in the country, used by some of the best chefs in the land, and are ingredients of some of the most loved Australian food brands.


But more than that, we’re proud to be making the great taste of truffles affordable, available and easy to use in households across the world.


Because, to us, it’s all about that truffle flavour. We’re constantly investing in product development and are engaged to help and advise our customers on truffle’s diverse and exciting use.


We believe that truffles should be for everyone.

chef using great southern truffles products
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