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truffle salt and chef cooking

Differentiate with Truffles

Our highly crafted foodservice range has captured the full authentic flavour of Australian Truffles. So, we’re on a mission to challenge the old-world belief in European truffles, with the bold, modern flavours of Great Southern Truffles

Why Great Southern Truffles Food Service?

With over 15 years of experience, we’re at the forefront of the latest truffles trends, and we can help you create novel gourmet experiences with our truffles products range.

graphic of truffle manufactoring

We aim to make truffles easy to use and make cooking with truffles a unique experience. You can rely on us to provide high-quality truffle products to your signature dishes.

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We first understand how you use your ingredients so we can recommend which product can complement the flavour of your dish.


Our truffle flavour was created for modern food lovers appreciation.

1Kg Tub (6 per carton)


Black Truffle Honey

Black Winter Truffle flavour infused into West Australian honey to create a beautiful, sweet truffle indulgence.

Great for:

DRIZZLE over a cheese plate (brie, camembert, parmesan or gorgonzola). POUR over ice cream or fresh fruit. Its savoury earthiness is delicious with cured meats and crusty bread or for basting meats and strong game flavours.


Black Truffle Butter

1Kg Tub (4 per carton)

The creaminess of the butter is irresistible with the earthy truffle flavor.

Great for:

PUT ½ tablespoon on top of a seared steak before serving. MELT on steamed fish or sautéed vegetables.

STIR INTO hot pasta, mashed potatoes, perk up omelettes and scrambled eggs. RUB over a chicken before roasting.

Scrambled eggs become irresistible with this aromatic butter.


Black Truffle Mustard

1Kg Tub (6 per carton)

The flavour of traditional Dijon mustard unites with Australian Black Winter Truffles to create a one-of-a-kind taste.

Great for:

ADD to ham and cheese toastie, a burger or a hotdog. MIX into salad dressing.

RUB a little onto leg of ham, chicken or pork before baking.

SPREAD on your next sandwich or with BBQ gourmet meats and sausages.


Black Truffle Salsa

500g Jars (4 per carton)

Australian Black Winter Truffles unite with a blend of eggplant, mushrooms, tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, herbs and spices. Ready-to-use product that is perfect for any kind of food.

Great for:

ADD to egg noodle pasta or SERVE on canapés. STIR ½ tablespoon into scrambled eggs.

USE as it as a SAUCE in rice dishes, on potatoes or with grilled meats and fish.

Taking on menus worldwide.

Ready to discover how truffles can give your business a point of difference? Surprise palettes that are always searching for new tastes with rich Western Australian truffles. Our truffles are available fresh or in a range of ready-to-use packaging and kitchen-friendly portion sizes, bringing you the ability to showcase Great Southern Truffles on your menu all year round.


Something else entirely

Imparted with a delectable flavour and aroma, our premium quality truffles and truffle products are keeping customers coming back for more. Our local manufacturing skills mean you benefit from a consistent flavour, supply and pricing.

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