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Fresh from Western Australia to the world

Since 2007, Great Southern Truffles has been part of pioneering the truffle industry from Western Australia. We have managed the largest volumes of fresh truffles across Australia.

Australian Black Winter Truffles have a strong aroma and is deep black in colour on the inside. The aroma of a truffle consists of an array of simple sensations, varying from intensity to amplitude. Yet, it is precisely this unique, alluring scent that has made it such a culinary success.

We sell fresh Australian Black Winter Truffles to chefs, restaurants and international markets during the antipodean Australian winter.


Truffles fully ripen and are harvested during the winter months of June, July, and August. Truffles can usually be found close to where the tree’s root meet the earth.


Pigs cannot be trained, like a dog. We use highly trained dogs who use their heightened sense of smell to rustle around the soil. Dogs such as labradors, beagles and pointers can be trained to smell the underground truffles.


During the process, the dogs “mark” the area where they smell the subterranean prize by gently scratching the ground. Once they find the truffle, the dog is rewarded, and the truffle is pick up by hand.

Grading and cleaning

After being thoroughly washed and dried, the truffles are graded into three classes: Extra class (premium), First class and Second class. There are three important criteria to look for when choosing a fresh truffle:

Aroma: Every single truffle is smelled by an experienced grader to find out sub-standard ones. Off-notes can indicate that the truffle is not suitable for consumption or may indicate internal damage.

Maturity: You have to cut into the truffle to verify its maturity, which you can tell by its colour, and the colour of the flesh inside.

Firmness: The truffle should be firm to the touch, not soft, and not too dry. The shape of truffles can vary across the same species, some being quite uniform and round, others may present numerous lobes and knobblier in appearance. However, the shape does not confer any specific aromatic properties to the truffles.

cleaning black winter truffles
packing fresh black winter truffles

Packing and transporting

Once harvested and graded, the truffles are carefully vacuumed, packed and sealed. This process reduces oxidation and breakdown of the truffle and therefore preserving its quality. The truffles are packed with ice packs and shipped directly from our farm in an icebox, ensuring your truffles are as fresh as possible.


Fresh truffles can be gently wrapped in a paper towel and stored dry in an airtight glass for up to 10 days. Change the paper towel daily, and make sure the container stays dry. A glass jar is crucial to avoid the entire contents of the refrigerator becoming infused with the truffle aromas. The optimum temperature is 3-6°C and relative humidity of 75-85%

fresh black winter Truffle in Towel
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