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We take good ideas and develop them into unique truffle products

Truffle products were “born to be niche” , and generally consumers purchase small amounts as a luxury with a price tag to match.


Now Great Southern Truffles collaborate with food manufacturers to develop new products that taste absolutely delicious and are available for everyday use consumption at affordable pricing.


Whether you are developing a new product or having a brilliant gastronomy concept, our talented team are ready to introduce the taste of Australian truffles to your new product release.

The truffle difference

360-Degree Assessment

When we develop new products, we look at them with a 360-degree profile of a product flavour. We know that truffles can go in many products and matching flavours is critical to getting the steps right from the beginning.

Great Southern Truffles collaborate with food manufacturers developing new products that taste absolutely delicious and are available for everyday consumption at affordable pricing.

Quality Assurance

Great Southern Truffles is the first Australian company accredited with CODEX HACCP for the handling and manufacturing of Australian Grown Truffles.

Great Southern Truffle Quality Assurance encompasses all planned and systematic actions and programs that are designed to provide food safety for Great Southern Truffles produce using the finest quality truffle Western Australia can offer

Science and Innovation

Great Southern Truffles continues to invest in science and innovation. Our idea is to develop scientific research into Australian grown truffles with our in-house Mycologist who collaborates in all aspects of truffles, including growing, farm management, handling, grading and developing tools for identification.

Our R&D team use their expertise to conduct partnership projects in the development of unique product ideas.

Meet some truffle products we’ve SUCESSFULLY brought to life

Truffle Triple Cream Brie

A distinctive, delicious triple cream brie with the additional truffle elevates this cheese to the next level of flavour. This beautiful brie has a wonderful well-balanced texture. Truly indulgent, irresistible, a perfect addition to any charcuterie board.

Make your good products great

Truffles are a unique experience. We don’t want to change that; we want to educate people about the sheer joy of the truffle flavour and show you how our ingredients can provide that extra flavour to your products. Because we know truffles. And we know that truffles make good food great. Our goal has been to bring our inspiration to other food categories and get our hands-on together. So join us on the adventure and see what we can bring to your business.

Adam Wilson in the truffle farm

Our journey

We began commercialising Australian truffles in 2007, we’ve seen the demand for truffles skyrocket. The truffle landscape is changing positively. More and more people are discovering the unique taste and flavour of truffles. Once a rare delicacy, this sophisticated flavour is now attainable to the modern food lover. So you need to ask yourself: how can truffles give your product and brand a point of difference?

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