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Shaving VS Grating

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

shaving vs grating fresh truffles

So, you are probably asking yourself, what is the best way to enjoy your freshness and make the most of its aroma and flavour?

Shaving and grating methods deliver a different visual presentation to the dish and promote flavour. Of course, each dish calls for a different approach, but we recommend being creative and even mixing both methods for an unforgettable truffle experience.

• The classic way to enjoy fresh truffles is to use a truffle slicer which delivers thinly shaved truffles, adding that impressive look.

• The best way to grate fresh truffles is using a Microplane. The grating process will expose more surface area of the truffle, resulting in more of the aroma coming out. The more surface you uncover, the more the aroma can be released.

One key aspect of both methods is letting the dish's residual heat bring out the flavour.

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