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Truffles in Australia

Updated: May 7

truflle hunting

Harvesting commences in Australia when Truffles are ripen, this is during the winter months of June, July, and August. Trained dogs are used to locate the truffles found in the top 30cm of the soil profile. Dogs of any breed can be used provided they have a good sense of smell. Common breeds can be pointers, beagles and labradors.

Harvested truffles are carefully washed and require scrubbing with a small brush to remove all remaining soil. Truffles are then washed, sorted, and expertly graded. Grading takes into account factors like size, smell, shape, and feel. Once cleaned and sorted, we then pack the truffles, and they begin their journey to your table.

Production of Black Winter Truffles in Australia is counter-seasonal to that of Europe, and due to the population size most of the production is exported. Current exports reach Europe, North America and Asia. The acceptance of Australian grown black truffle has taken considerable effort and is now appreciated worldwide.

Great Southern Truffles have been sourcing premium locally grown black winter truffles for the past 14 harvests. Establishing relationships with growers across Australia and guaranteeing overseas customers are supplied with the finest Australian black winter truffles.

The black winter truffles are round or knobby in shape. They can range anywhere from the size of a marble to the size of a soccer ball.

When you cut into a ripe truffle, you’ll see a dense black interior that’s streaked with white veins. The truffle flesh itself is firm, something like that of a potato. The outside is roughish and scaly, designed to withstand the conditions in which the truffle grows.

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