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Truffles Down Under: Great Southern Truffles Journey in Revolutionising Australia's Culinary Landscape

Updated: May 7

In European culinary traditions, black and white truffles have long been revered as luxury ingredients, gracing the palates of many and becoming synonymous with indulgence. Chefs worldwide elevated their creations by incorporating these glamorous fungi, adding a deep, robust flavour to signature dishes on Western menus.

Black winter truffles over fried scallops

However, a shift is underway, Australia has emerged as a major player, ranking fourth globally in truffle production and exporting a major part of their harvest to countries around the world. At Great Southern Truffles, we are proud to lead this change, spearheading the production of delicious truffle products that not only make truffles more accessible but also introducing them into everyday home cooking.

pasta with truffle sauce from Great Southern Truffles

Our changes are transforming truffles in Australia from a holiday-indulgent experience generally found in European travels to a pantry staple found in homes across the country. We are proud to offer an array of truffle-infused condiments and finished gourmet products, enabling everyone to incorporate truffles into their dishes year-round, easily and deliciously.

While many producers worldwide focus on truffle olive oil and truffle sauce, we take truffle exploration to a new level. Our extensive product line includes honey, aioli, butter, mustard, sauces, hot sauce, salsas, oils, and even our innovative creation – truffle nougat.

What sets Great Southern Truffles as a company leader is not just our product range, but our passion and intimate understanding of how truffle flavours pair with various dishes. Our innovations and expertise extend beyond our own creations, as we collaborate with food manufacturers across Australia, fostering partnerships to bring truffle-infused versions of various products to market and contribute to the thriving Australian truffle industry as a whole. Join us on this truffle journey as we redefine Australia's culinary landscape, one truffle at a time.

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