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Updated: May 7

We are thrilled to announce that Great Southern Truffles, has received several prestigious awards at the Royal Tasmania Fine Foods Awards. As we approach the exciting truffle season in June, this recognition serves as a wonderful warm-up for what lies ahead.

The Royal Tasmanian Fine Food Awards, organized by the Royal Agricultural Society of Tasmania (RAST), is a celebrated event that attracts esteemed judges from all over Australia. With over 29 years of history, these awards continue to evolve, keeping up with the ever-changing trends and standards in the Australian food industry.

The Fine Food Awards are designed to promote and encourage excellence in our industry. They provide a benchmarking system that allows fine food producers like us to assess the quality of our products against our peers and competitors. We value the feedback received through these awards, and it is not uncommon for manufacturers to view this as a valuable learning experience, growing and improving each year with the goal of achieving gold, champion, and reserved champion status in their respective categories.

Truffle products won award

One of our standout products, the Truffle Nougat, was awarded a gold medal. This unique creation is the first of its kind to combine nougat with exquisite black winter truffles. We are incredibly proud to have this innovative delicacy recognized on such a grand scale.

Our Black Truffle Honey, which was previously awarded a bronze medal at the Sydney Royal competition in 2022, has now elevated its status to a gold medal winner. The same applies to our Black Truffle Mustards, which secured a gold medal in 2022 and now proudly holds a bronze. Although it may have dropped a level, we continue to celebrate this achievement and the remarkable quality of our mustard.

Another star in our collection, the Black Truffle Aioli, has been consistently showered with accolades over the years. With awards ranging from gold to silver, this product remains a true gem. In the 2022 competition alone, it earned a bronze and gold medal, solidifying its status as the most highly decorated product from our company.

Last but certainly not least, our beloved Black Truffle Sauce, a best-seller renowned for its versatility, secured a well-deserved bronze award. This sauce has become a staple in countless kitchens, adding a touch of luxury to any culinary creation.

We are incredibly grateful for the recognition bestowed upon us at the Royal Tasmania Fine Foods Awards. These achievements reinforce our commitment to delivering exceptional truffle products of the highest caliber. As we anticipate the upcoming truffle season, we look forward to sharing our passion, expertise, and award-winning creations with our valued customers.

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