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How to Use Fresh Truffles

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Great Southern Truffles sell fresh Australian Black Winter Truffles to chefs, restaurants, and international markets during the antipodean Australian winter.

Black Winter Truffles are characterised by a strong aroma. They usually present an internal part (Gleba) and an external one (Peridium) that are dark brown or black in colour.

The truffle aroma consists of an array of sensations, varying from intensity to amplitude. This unique, alluring scent is the key to such a culinary success.

There’s not much mystery when it comes to cooking with fresh truffles. Indirect heat is recommended when cooking with fresh truffles. For example, placing fresh truffles under the chicken skin. To enhance their fragrance and flavour qualities, fresh truffles should be eaten at room temperature and not be exposed to direct heat for an extended period.

Black Winter Truffles are perfectly magnificent in their raw form. Grated or thinly shaved, either way, is perfect. Remember that for raw use, use them just before serving as the finished dish's residual heat will help unlock the truffle aroma.

Following are some ideas to use fresh truffles:

  1. Thinly shave truffles on pasta, eggs, potatoes, risotto, white pizza, in a burger or mac & cheese and cream capture the aroma very well.

  2. Chefs often pair them with scallops, crayfish, foie gras, asparagus or cabbage. The addition of truffles will turn a basic dish into a gastronomic feast: truffled mashed potatoes are divine and onion soup with truffles acquires a new dimension.

We’ve seen fresh truffles successfully used across a wide range of dishes and cuisine worldwide throughout the years. That’s the beauty of truffles. Their versatility creates an exciting opportunity to combine them with other ingredients. For instance, truffles mixed with dumplings, sausages, cheese, and sauces, to mention a few, are perfect combinations. Great Southern Truffles have been doing this for years through Food Manufacturing.

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