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How To Slice Fresh Truffle

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

slice fresh truffles

The two common ways to use fresh truffles on a dish are slicing and grating. Now, you may be wondering how to slice those fresh truffles you just bought?

A truffle slicer is a perfect tool for professional chefs to first-timers. There are many truffle slicers available on the market. But, a good one will make light work of slicing fresh truffles because its sharp stainless-steel blade can do the hard work.

The main purpose of having a truffle slicer is to shave your truffle onto the plate, exposing the truffle surface and releasing the aroma. Shaved truffle can also give that aesthetically touch to the dish.

The truffle slicer blade is perhaps the central part of any truffle slicer. You want to be very careful operating the slicer as the blade is exceptionally sharp.

Therefore, you will find it hard to thin slice fresh truffles with a dull or weak one.

There are numerous truffle slicers available on the market, but certainly, they’re not made equal. Below are some tips for buying a truffle slicer:

• Fully stainless-steel version and stainless steel with a wooden handle are good options.

• Sharpness: a good truffle slicer should be sharp and should have an adjustable blade to make homogenous slices without crumbling the truffles.

• Handwashing, cleaning and drying immediately after use is recommended to not dull or damage the blades.

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