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How Much Fresh Truffle Do I Need?

Updated: Nov 10

fresh truffles over dishes

Fresh Truffles can be used at home in many dishes, from simple appetisers to main courses. Incorporating Black Winter Truffle into your meals will add value with its addictive earthy, musky scent.

When combined with other ingredients, we know that this unique fungus is sometimes subject to confusion and misunderstanding. But here is our tip: the simpler the dish, the better.

Fresh truffle doesn't have to be paired with fancy and complex ingredients. So keeping simple is the secret. Scrambled eggs, pasta, risotto and roast chicken are some examples.

The more complicated the recipe, the more likely you will put the truffle at risk of not matching or overpowering other flavours. Fresh truffles are best thinly shaved or grated directly on top of a finished dish.

When adding truffles to a dish, do not be scared to be generous. The right amount of truffle will depend on each palate. The recommended serving is around 10 grams in a meal per person.

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