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Fresh Truffle Buying Guide

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

fresh truffles

Food aficionados love fresh truffle dishes in their favourite restaurant, but buying a fresh truffle can be scary, especially for first-timers.

Truffles are now in season across Australia (June, July and August) and restaurants around the country are gearing up to add the sophistication signature touch to their dishes featuring this delicate morsel.

Most people don’t realise they too can have fresh truffles in their hands and on their menu at home.

Since 2007, Great Southern Truffles has been part of pioneering the truffle industry in Western Australia. We have managed one of the most significant harvests of fresh truffles across Australia. Fresh Truffle is available in our local store in Western Australia.

Below, we’ve developed a fresh truffle buying guide that can help you out.

There are some criteria that you should look at when you buy fresh truffles. Below are some of them:

• Aroma: it must be pleasant on the nose. Intensity is the key to choosing the right truffle. Truffles are known for their pungent, earthy fragrance and developed their aroma during their maturation process. Off-notes can indicate that a truffle is compromised by contaminations or damages.

• Aspect: Regardless of size, shape, and cuts, a good truffle must be as firm, compact, and darkest possible. It should have a slightly elastic feel, neither too dry nor excessively moist. Here we also need to analyse its external appearance. Finally, it must be clean, showing that the truffle provider has previously been handled and stored correctly.

Beyond Truffle Season

Out of Truffle Season, here at Great Southern Truffles, we also offer Sliced and Whole Black Winter Truffle preserved in brine to capture their aromatic and earthy notes.

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