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The sharp salty flavours of French Dijon Mustard are moulded to a wholesome flavour experience as it is grounded by our earthy black truffles. The journey through different sensations from our Black Truffle Mustard will cycle through the taste buds and linger on the tongue anticipating the next bite.


An intense indulgence achieved with little effort and exertion will make our Truffle Dijon Mustard a staple in your pantry and will take your next burger or barbeque to a new moreish level.


An ingredient often used in regular home cooking is elevated to a gourmet level through our locally sourced West Australian truffles and will have the whole family craving the finer things in life.


GOLD Medal at Royal Tasmania Fine Food Award - 2022

Truffle Mustard - 115g

    • ADD TO your next burger or hotdog for an at-home gourmet experience.
    • WITH your roast beef or even added to a fresh green salad.
    • RUB a little into chicken or pork before baking to create the ultimate crust that will have everyone talking.
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