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A beautiful harmony of savoury and sweet is achieved in our Truffle Honey. With the unique savoury notes provided by our real black truffles and rich sweet honey this match made in heaven is oozing with culinary blessings.

When glazed over salty foods the sweet and savoury earthiness will create a blissful companionship of soft and sharp flavours for your taste buds to embrace. Our truffle infused honey is a show stopper that is best revealed at the start of the party either splashed over cheeses on a platter, drizzled over cured meats or bites as an appetizer.

Black Truffle Honey is an indulgent staple that will take any mediocre bite to a mouth-watering experience.

A little bit of this liquid gold goes a long way and will become a true side kick in the kitchen and a secret you will not give up easily. And we are serious when we say that is the best truffle honey – try it!


GOLD Medal at Royal Tasmania Fine Food Award - 2024

Silver Medal at Royal Tasmania Fine Food Award - 2022

Truffle Honey 135g

    • Create a gastronomic delight when DRIZZLED OVER a cheese plate such as brie, camembert or gorgonzola.
    • Have your taste buds dancing when DRIPPED ONTO oysters.
    • Create amazing results when POURED OVER ice cream.
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