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Truffle Extravaganza 2022

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

truffle extravaganza 2022

The Truffle Extravaganza 2022 edition brings a spectacular array of delicious, truffle-inspired dishes with added entertainment.

We are pleased to announce The Truffle Extravaganza 2022, brought to you by the Fremantle Markets in collaboration with Great Southern Truffles, back with gusto this July to satisfy your Truffle needs.

This year Great Southern Truffles are proud sponsors of this event. Having supported the original Truffle Festival back in 2013, we are happy to see Fremantle Markets bringing you the Truffle Extravaganza this winter! So get your tastebuds ready for this brilliant truffle event.

Great Southern Truffles will bring Manjimup’s serene green landscape to you with beautiful installations throughout the entirety of the Markets. Step inside the historic Fremantle Markets and feast your eyes and taste buds on the space and produce we have created for all to enjoy.

Truffle-inspired entertainment

From the 8th-10th July, the Truffle Extravaganza 2022 edition brings a spectacular array of delicious, truffle-inspired dishes with added entertainment, including:

Truffle Games: guess the weight and find the truffle. There will be no shortage of family-friendly fun.

Cooking and Tasting Demonstrations: from some of Perth’s renowned chefs will offer tasty truffles dishes that are quick and easy to prepare. Plus, Great Southern Truffles best-sellers truffle products will be available for tastings, such as Black Truffle Butter, Black Truffle Sauce, Truffle Oil, and Black Truffle Honey including awarded range, Black Truffle Aioli, Black Truffle Mustard, Black Truffle Sauce and Black Truffle Salsa.

Truffle Sensory Experience: Great Southern Truffles' very own mycologist, Federico Paci, will truffle your senses with his knowledge.

Fresh Truffles: available to purchase.

Wander through the shed and sample beautiful freshly shaved truffles, learn how to incorporate truffles into your dishes and yes, those who come to the event will have a chance at winning a truffle of your own.

A spectacular array of delicious dishes

Oh, but the fun doesn’t stop there — in addition to all of that, Fremantle Market’s talented food traders have whipped up some mouth-watering concoctions with Great Southern Truffles' delectable products!

  1. Gozbar | SOUPS: Cauliflower 3 Cheese & Truffle, Potato Leek & White bean & Truffle, Creamy Mushroom & Truffle, Wild Mushroom, Truffle & White bean Minestrone. All soups served w fresh truffle shavings & truffle oil. Add toasted flat bread. Mushroom Gozleme w fresh shaved Truffle & Truffle oil, Cheesy Truffle bread with fresh Truffle & Truffle Oil

  2. Karutz Smallgoods | 100g Sliced Truffle Salami, 300g Truffle Salami, 200g Organic Truffle Cheddar Cheese

  3. Palace Patisserie | Roasted veggies with truffle sauce

  4. Bratwurst Bar | Bratwurst in a Roll and a Bratwurst in a bowl served with Sauerkraut, onions and Truffle Mustard

  5. Viet Kites 109 | Roasted Pork Belly Truffle Banh Mi

  6. Kachapas | Venezuelan Cachapa Bowl (Corn Tortilla) w/ chicken, beef, pork or vegeterian and the succulent Truffle Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Empanadas(Latin Turnovers) w/ beef or vegeterian accompanied with the exotic truffle crema, Arepa (Latin Burger) w/ chicken, beef, pork or vegetarian and the signature Chilli con Carlos Truffle Sauce, Tequeños ( Halloumi cheese sticks) w/ Chipo truffle sauce.

  7. M Town | Salted Truffle Macaron

  8. Morish Nuts | Truffle Macadamias

  9. Artisan Dough | Truffle oil mushroom with red onion cheese toastie, Truffle oil mushroom, spinach with red onion cheese toasties, Truffle oil mushroom, chicken, spinach with red onion cheese toastie, Crispy bacon, tomato, truffle mushroom with red onion cheese toastie

  10. Acropolis Souvlaki | Souvlaki with truffle-infused pitta bread Hot chips drizzled with truffle goats feta cheese with oregano and salt, Truffle Honey Baklava

  11. Freo Baby | White Chocolate Miso Truffle

  12. The Gourmet Popcorn Company | Truffle Tossed Salted Caramel

  13. Raw Raw Raw | Creamy vegan cauliflower soup with truffle oil

  14. Tibet Stove | Steam Chicken Truffle Momo

  15. Tartes By Amanda | Truffle Butter Cookies

  16. Bali in Perth | Satay Lilit Truffle, Vegan Satay Truffle, Chicken Lemper Truffle, Vegan Lemper Truffle

This is the Perth winter event that you don’t want to miss.

We hope to see you there!

Entry is FREE!

LOCATION: Fremantle Markets

DATE: from Friday 8th July 2022 to Sunday 10th July 2022

TIME: 9:00am - 6:00pm

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