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The West Australian Local Produce Adventure Hosted by The Cabin Small Bar | February 2022

Updated: Nov 10

On the 27th February at 3 PM, Great Southern Truffles will attend The West Australian Local Produce Adventure hosted by The Cabin small bar.

This event aims to promote the unique and diverse produce that West Australia offers and highlight that this region is home to a wide range of food and beverage producers.

We would like to take this opportunity to network with other suppliers and promote our vast retail range, which encompasses over seventeen products. Great Southern Truffles also has a highly crafted food service range that has captured the full authentic flavour of Australian Truffles.

We have expanded relationships and collaborated with new food manufacturers to further develop new truffle products.

The West Australian Local Produce Adventure will include 4 cider tastings with 8 delicious canapes of local produce served while listening to live music and a chance to meet and chat to the producers of our local products.

🕒 DATE : Sunday, 27th February 2022 @ 3PM.

🟢 TICKETS : $55.00 per person

Book your tickets now online at

🔴 ADDRESS: 174 Scarborough Beach Road Mt Hawthorn WA 6016

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